The admonishment of 'slave p'

It’s my pleasure to present slave p, a long-serving and loyal slave who nevertheless continues to require much ‘refresher training’.


As with many of my slaves, his inability to control his sexual urges means that admonishment by his Mistress is a regular necessity…well, it really is for his own good you see.  


How will he ever master his self-control without his Mistress to train him?

As you can see, slave p is positioned helplessly; his ‘riding lesson’ will last for as long as I choose.


The position starts to become somewhat uncomfortable after really quite a short time, but that is all part of slave p’s subtle punishment; you can be sure that his nipples, cock and balls were also subject to a certain amount of unhurried ‘sensual torment’ while I had him in this position.


Poor slave p, it’s not the sort of ‘ride’ that he and his errant cock have been indulging in and enjoying elsewhere…but I am convinced that he deserves it.

I do also love appraising my slave's bottoms, both as a zone for punishment and also for stimulation, fun and games.  slave p has a nicely-toned backside which is just right for any of these......

slave p3 cens

I am, of course, an understanding Mistress and this session did feature plenty of pleasure…and just a little bit of frustration…for my slave.  And for my part, admonishing and training slave p is always a pleasure and a delight.

slave p2 cens slave p 3

And did I eventually remove slave p’s blindfold as I took my seat above him, my 3 inch spike heels resting between his legs? Oh, and was I at that point wearing my sexy black knickers…or had I chosen to remove them?  Mmmn, now that would be telling……….

Let me know if you would like to have a similar experience to that that slave p regularly enjoys.  I’m sure that we can arrange something which is to our mutual satisfaction.




Call me on 07702 307585 if you are interested in a slave experience like slave p enjoys....

slave p 1 cens (2) slave p censored and blured NEW 6 re size (2)