Sessions and bookings

Well I hope what you have seen so far is capturing your imagination.  I very much hope that we can meet and enjoy some time in my dungeon soon.  


I only see a few slaves each week.  I am happy to plan our session some way in advance, so just call to propose a preferred appointment date. I do realise of course that booking well in advance is not always practicable, nor indeed is it always necessary; there are times when I may be able to session at short notice, and occasionally even on the day.  So just give me a call, you may be in luck!


Session times vary, but I can generally accommodate late morning, afternoon and early evening sessions. Latest start time for a session will tend to be 6pm.


Note also that I do offer a shorter session (I refer to these as 'tasters' - see below) so if you are short of time, perhaps in Bristol for a few hours with an hour to spare, then I may still be able to see you.


I am located close to the centre of Bristol, not far from Temple Meads station, and my location is easily accessible from all major routes into the City.  There is ample, safe parking available when you arrive.


Our initial session will allow time before we start to discuss your likes and previous experience, and to allow a good hour of dungeon time.  


My regular sessions tend to be an hour, but may be longer by mutual agreement, and especially if I have seen you before.


Our sessions will be sexy and tantalising.  I do not offer full sexual services, but you will nevertheless find that by the end of our session you have been well-rewarded..... subject of course to your performance having been to my satisfaction during the session.  


Of course. once we have got to know each other better and If you are very good then I may....well, you will have to see what I may do, won't you....


But first we need to meet and session.....



And remember.... that in my dungeon your balls are mine...!

Call me on 07702 307585 to find out more.......

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Tasters and shorter sessions.

Some of you reading this may be new to BDSM…well, we all have to start somewhere, and I'd be delighted to induct you into the world of BDSM.


So why not try a taster?  I am able to offer a flexible, shorter session for newcomers to BDSM.  So, whereas my sessions are usually an hour or more, why not get a  taste of what a full session would involve, but with less of a time commitment?


I offer two (approximate) taster session durations.  The first of these – a ‘shortie’ if you like – is about 30 minutes.  And the other – the ‘midi’ for want of a term - is around 45 minutes.


These timings are indicative of our time in the dungeon.  We will obviously also have a conversation before and after the session as well.  


It is important to note that these are tasters, so things such as more complicated bondage will not be possible in the time available; similarly, we will hold back on the pain aspect of a full session, which in any case is always by our mutual agreement beforehand. It’s important to note that anything in a session needs to be consensual; and BDSM does not necessarily have to involve pain.


To give some idea of the sort of things that are possible in the shorter time we have during a taster:


‘Shortie’ sessions 


The session will start with the fundamentals of dungeon etiquette and slave submission…including practising you saying “Yes Mistress” as I command.  You will kneel before me as we run through this.


I may then collar you, cuff your wrists, and will lead you around the dungeon to briefly explain the furniture, equipment and toys it contains.   You will of course be expected to control yourself while we do this…your Mistress will check to see if you are managing this!


We will then move on to, as an example:


-A mild spanking; and/or

-A mild taster of cock and ball play and/or nipple play; and/or

-Blindfolding and sensual teasing; and/or

-Foot worship and, if you are very good, leg and bottom worship



‘Midi' sessions


As for a shortie session, with longer time allowing for one full bondage position, more time for me to spank, torment and tease you.  


During both the shortie and midi sessions, you will be naked. I will be attired as I would be for a longer, full session.

Do not delay to let me know if this is of interest.  It’s a great way to ‘put your toe in the water’ and try BDSM.  And who knows, it might then lead on to further sessions and a lot more kinky fun!



And, for those opf you who have visited me before....


I am happy to consider a shorter session ie: less than one hour, for those who have visited and sessioned with me before.

I recognise that time is precious and sometimes limited in our busy lives, so to help accommodate this you may wish to visit for a very specific thing….. perhaps something that we have tried before or discussed and either enjoyed, or have not yet got around to doing.


So, give me a call and let me know what it is you’d like to do. I can then consider if we can fit it into a shorter time.  It may that you want to try a particular bondage position, a particular punishment, or simply enjoy a divine half an hour worshipping your Mistress.


I am often available during the day, so lunchtimes and early afternoons can be fitted in.  Just let me know…speak soon I hope..

The dungeon awaits...let's play.

Just give me a call to discuss our session

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