Playing with slave 'P-T'

Every Mistress needs to have their fun. Having a slave as a play thing in the playroom provides more opportunities than most for some very interesting fun!



So here I’m introducing slave ‘PT’. Basically PT = Play-thing! And this is the title he likes bestowed on him….as if this was his choice.  



At the moment I have withdrawn his PT title and he is quite simply known as ‘slave’. If however he starts to please and impress me again in the future I will, probably, start addressing and using him as Mistress Louise’s Play-Thing.



The important point, of course, is that his playroom ‘title’ is down to his Mistress, not to him.


And…what he is ‘entitled’ to during our sessions is also down to his Mistress.



slave P-T continuously strives to become one of Mistress’ top slaves, which has always been his burning ambition. His motivation…well, he really wants to be a slave that may get special privileges…a ‘slave with benefits’, if you like.


Unfortunately at times he tends to forget that any such status needs to be earned! Also due to his poor attendance record he gradually finds himself slipping down Mistress’ rankings and becomes very rusty and unable to keep up with the training schedule I expect from him.


So, this slave is always in the position of having to play ‘catch up’, striving to satisfy his Mistress in the dungeon to make up for his shortcomings.  



This may sometimes be a little uncomfortable for ‘slave’, but then that’s all part of the fun for me.



But for now this lazy slave needs to be brought back into line. Inevitably, this also means that his Mistress finds herself having to use an awful lot of effort to get him back up to pace!

What’s more, there is a little issue of slave getting a little bit ‘cocky’ when fantasising about his Mistress; slave got well ahead of himself and was having some of the most disrespectful fantasies about his Mistress even before he entered the playroom for our most recent session.


To say his fantasies and expectations of his upcoming session were outrageous is an understatement! Where he gets these ideas from?…well, I can only guess.

.....Now, let’s see what we need to do next to ‘slave’…perhaps to allow him an opportunity to be called Mistress’ Play-Thing again…. 


I really do hope that he is able to maintain his self-control......

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