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There's quite a lot on this site already, and I do hope that you are enjoying reading it.  It is all genuine content, and reflects the attitude that I take to being a Mistress....but there's always space for some other views, so that's what this page is for.  My slave 'tighttied1' will be keeping this page periodically updated with features and news - he's good at taking dictation you see - so look back from time to time... ML X

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29th October 2018: Married slaves


Reading one of the many articles in the media which are to do with marriage and the way that attitudes to 'being married’ are changing fast, I reflected the other day on how many of the slaves I have seen in recent years have told me that they are married – in an ‘old fashioned’ man/wife sense you understand.  It is quite a high proportion in fact.


Of course, it is entirely up to my slaves to tell me anything about their private lives, and if they wish to keep their marital arrangements confidential then that is fine with me.  Absolutely everything that happens in our conversations and in my playroom and related to a slave’s visit is confidential and stays that way.  Your secrets are safe with me!


So why was I musing about married men?  Well, I’m sure it was on my mind after the most enjoyable session I had with a mature (and married) slave a week or two ago, when we had all sorts of fun in the course of an unhurried afternoon downstairs in the dungeon.  That session is fresh in my mind….(big smile).


In my experience married men in fact make very good and generally very responsive play partners and slaves, with a very good ‘slave mentality’ and  a real enjoyment of submitting and playing with a dominant Woman.  I think that part of this may be because they have already thought for quite a long time about visiting a Mistress.  Having done this thinking and having come to the conclusion that BDSM is an important, perhaps essential, need for them, they have made their mind up about indulging in some ‘extra marital’ kinky fun.  BDSM for them is one part of their life which can be safely, discretely kept in its own private area, safe from prying eyes…although little will be left to the imagination - for my eyes only - once I have you well secured to my satisfaction in the dungeon!!


Anyway, married or not I’m always pleased to hear from you. Feel free to call and to chat.  It’s between us and no one else. No need to feel guilty at all, we are both grown up enough to know what we like and would like to do…..


1st January 2019: Happy New Year..let's hope it's a kinky one


A Happy New Year to all viewers of this site, and especially those of you who I have met and sessioned with.  Let's look forward to a kinky, fun-filled year!!


By all means give me a call to discuss your kinky 'wish list' for 2019.  Perhaps we can then agree a good time to put this wish list into action!


I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Mistress L XX





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2nd January 2019: Taking Stock in the Dungeon.


Around this time of year I always like to take stock of my dungeon, my playspace if you will.  It is a well equipped playspace, and it is always worth my while checking that all the equipment is in good working order.  Not that I go so far as counting the numbers of ball weights and nipple clamps I have, you understand!!


But it's also a good time to spend a bit of quiet time recounting experiences in the dungeon over the last year as I look forward to more in the new year.  Inevitably a wicked smile is on my lips as I check over pieces of dungeon furniture, recalling the slave who I had restrained in a particular position for punishment and fun, the slave with a particular liking for CBT and the session we both enjoyed a few months back, the regular slave whose training needs to continue in 2019...and so on.....mmmn.


I was doing this yesterday afternoon, and I can assure you that the dungeon playspace starts 2019 in very good order.  


See you soon.  ML XX

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18th January 2019: slave p session


I do hope that you enjoy the new page under 'About my slaves'. which shows one of my long-serving regular slaves in a bit of a predicament in a session earlier this week.  Much fun was had by both Mistress and slave, I can ssure you!!

29th January 2019: BDSM Taster sessions


I'm always aware that taking that first step to 'getting into BDSM', and especially of visiting a Mistress for the first time, is sometimes difficult.  Don't worry, I'm quite understanding and would love to help you take that step.


I'm always happy to induct newcomers.  Have a look at my Sessions and Bookings page on this site to read more about this.


And, for those who have visited me before, I am also offering a shorter session option.  This may be just what you need, perhaps even a lunchbreak featuring some 'playtime' in place of the more usual lunchtime fare...?


Just call me to discuss...

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9th April 2019: Worshipping Mistress starts with the feet...


It has been some time since my last post on this page, so I thought it time to add something..


Some of you who have either visited me, or who have been looking through this site, will have noticed my dainty feet.  These are, to some of my slaves, a focus for particular interest.  Indeed, a select few would admit to being real foot and/or leg lovers.  


I keep my feet well pedicured, and they are smooth and pretty.  As the slave in this picture is doing, I like my slaves to worship my feet, carefully removing my heels so that they may - at my discretion - caress and perhaps kiss them.


In some cases I allow the slave to continue this activity up to my stocking tops.  This is a privilege that must be earned. A careless slave may not progress much further than my heels.


But, for any of you who are granted the privilege, my socking-clad legs are really well-worth worshipping.


My legs are well-toned and firm, the result of plenty of cycling, swimming and walking.  They are also very, very smooth and fragrant.  In session of course, they are generally clothed in sexy stockings or leather boots. And a good number of you are, of course, lovers of high or spike heels, well-fitting leather boots etc. I have a good collection of shoes and boots for session-wear.


Do let me know if you are a fan of a Mistress' feet and legs.  Perhaps we can arrange for you to have a closer look at mine.


ML x