Some time ago one of my regular slaves shared some of his BDSM drawings with me.  I was suitably impressed, and more recently have agreed that he can exhibit some of his material on this site.  He has been earning his place on the site through a number of tasks that Mistress has been setting him, including related to the management and sponsorship of this website.


As the sketches indicate, the artist is a slave with some quite kinky ideas and who has a proven and deep desire to submit to dominant women.  I can assure you that over the years we have explored his kinkiness during quite a number of sessions, and he has been suitably punished for it.  



Note of course that the material in this gallery does not necessarily depict activities that I would indulge in my sessions with you as a slave.  The artist has created these drawings as a channel for his imagination.  I support freedom of expression, and so have allowed him the gallery space here.


We hope that you enjoy this adult artwork.

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B&D Sketches