About my slaves

So you have a desire to submit and to play the role of slave to a dominant Woman.  Well done, that is a good first step!


I have enjoyed dominating many slaves over the years, and my slaves have come in all shapes and sizes - so don't be shy.  I am particularly interested in more mature men as slaves, and I will tend not to see slaves who are under 35 years of age.  If you are reasonably fit and willing, then we can begin!  Due to the location of my playroom I am regretfully unable to accommodate anyone who is disabled.


I am caring and considerate as well as being necessarily cruel - well, it is for your own good and my own enjoyment of course.  I will test your limits but will always be aware of these limits.  I am sensible and always aware of the torment that you may be going through at my hands, and we may agree a suitable safe word or signal which you can use if you think our play is progressing too far or too fast.  Safety is of course always of great importance.


You may have previous experience of bdsm, in which case we can discuss this at our first meeting and decide on what it is that we are both seeking from the session.  You may however be a complete 'beginner'.  Do not be afraid!  I have introduced many people to the joys of bdsm, and I am very good at gently introducing you to this fascinating and kinky experience.  We will take things one step at a time and see how we get on.  After all, we have all had to start somewhere and I also was once new to bdsm...and indeed served my apprenticeship as a slave.  So I know what is like to be naked and helplessly bound in bondage, to suffer and to submit...even though these days I am 100% dominant and do not switch.  So please do not ask to tie me up!!


Most of all we are looking to share the fun of our sessions, and so it is most important that you are willing to give things a try, and to enjoy one or two laughs along the way.  Let's both remember that bdsm is fun, it might be a little daunting at first, but my main interest is that you enjoy the session - and hopefully then I will too!!


A few of my slaves have been with me for quite some time.  We have grown to know each other well, and continue to discover new excitment and enjoyment in my dungeon.  There is no end to the fun that bdsm, well planned and expertly played out, has for these slaves and for me too.  


It is just so tantalising.....

Call me on 07702 307585 to find out more......

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