About Mistress Louise


Thanks for looking at my site.  I very much hope that what you see here is of interest, and take your time to look through the various pages.  I hope then that you will feel a need to make contact, and to arrange a first meeting and exploratory session.


I have been 'into' bdsm for quite some time, and have operated as a Dominatrix for many years.  I am therefore very experienced, and whilst I do not class myself as a 'Lifestyle' Mistress - I have many other responsibilities and interests as well, outside of my activities as a Dominatrix - I do rank bdsm as one of my main, indeed my most enduring interest.


I am a shapely Lady, with a lovely size 14 figure which I keep well toned and just right to fit into the selection of corsets, leatherware and lingerie that forms my costume selection for our sessions.  I love stockings and high heels, and may also session in thigh boots as the feeling takes me.  I am a Dominatrix and also I am very much a Woman, as you may get to find out ...but only after we have got to know each other better and assuming of course that you are very good!


In session I can be strict, bitchy and domineering - well, you wouldn't expect anything else would you.  We can agree on whether I am 'severe and strict' or somewhat gentler and more sensual, as we discuss our session.  I understand that some of you do not need a leather bitch shouting at them, and I can be softer and very, very teasing while you struggle in your bonds if we agree that is what we both want.  But I can also be an ultimate Bitch if that is what we decide the session requires.


Wish lists are not my thing - suffice to say that I am a genuine dominatrix who thoroughly enjoys employing my skills in the art of bdsm.


I am an expert at 'role-play', and will enjoy playing the part of your domineering boss, bitchy secretary, kinky aunt and so forth.


I do not provide watersports, 'hard' games, any activity which involves drawing of blood, and anything which I consider to be unsafe.  I am afraid that I also do not entertain cross dressers or adult babies.


Call me on 07702 307585 to find out more.

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