A slave's view

One of my most loyal and longest serving slaves is...well, let's call him 'slave m' shall we?  He is a middle aged guy who works as a manager for a large company in the South West. Slave m has been serving me for a good long time.  We have developed a trust and shared many experiences over a lot of sessions.  


Today slave m has exchanged being 'tied up in meetings' to being tied up...literally.


You see, slave m is a real fan of secure bondage and so I have obliged him this afternoon.  So, once I've had him kneel before me to confess his latest misdemenours and after I've given him a nice, unhurried spanking to 'warm things up', I have put him in bondage. He can struggle in the punishment chair but he won't be getting loose. And we have all afternoon.


He's been enjoying a quarter hour or so in these restraints. And no doubt his poor tits are getting a little bit sore, as will his cock which I have been careful to tie up as well.


I'll remove the rubber mask for a minute and let him have a few words. Speak, slave..:



I have known Louise for a long time and have been regularly sessioning with her for most of this time.  She is a most marvellous and expert dominatrix, who really knows how to treat a slave and has a wicked imagination, as I have often found to my delight.  My own interest is strict bondage combined with CBT and NT, and I also enjoy humiliation, domination and teasing/worship scenes.  Mistress Louise indulges my interest in all of these and more, and never fails to provide an exciting and sensual session,  The enjoyment is mutual and we both relish our session time.  


As a married man, discretion is essential and Mistress ensures that our sessions are always very secret and discrete. Her dungeon is in a very quiet and safe part of Bristol.  I have to be careful about marks - for instance from CP - and Mistress understands this. She indulges me in a session to ensure that, whilst I suffer, I leave with no more than a nice red glow on my backside - generally accompanied by very tender tits, a sore cock and aching ballsLouise is a mature and experienced Lady who knows all about a man's most sensitive parts and how to apply prolonged torment and teasing. For those who like it, she is also a firm disciplinarian with a selection of canes.


When I have provided sufficient 'amusement' for Mistress, and if I have performed to Her satisfaction, I am offered the reward of worshipping Mistress.  This is a reward which must be earned, and is a most delicious experience.  I'd recommend it, but first you need to win Mistress' trust, and then she may allow you to....mmmmpppphhhh!!!




That's enough slave m, gas mask back on, there's a good slave.  Now, where were we ...?  There's so much I still need to do to you!!  


Where shall I focus on next....? Perhaps another weight or two in your 'ball bag' to add a little extra stretch?; or perhaps another pair of nipple clamps....


Or shall I just play this pinwheel around your more sensitive parts?  Mmmnn, yes that might be what I'll do next.


I will of course release slave m eventually.  There are so many ways that he will amuse me and give me pleasure  this afternoon while he is still tied up.  And he seems to be enjoying his time in the chair anyway.


I'll tie him up in another position a bit later, probably a less 'comfortable' pose and certainly a position that will allow me to have full and unrestricted access his sensitive parts.


But it's not all discomfort for slave m either...he will, I am sure, earn a share of the pleasure after I've tormented him for long enough.


Such fun....And we do have all afternoon.






Call me on 07702 307585 to find out how you can get tied up and tormented, just like slave m.....

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